#23 FOOD NEWS: The Last Secret Supper Club & Italian tomatoes in London update

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The last secret supper club: what a night!

Last Secret Supper Club- 27th August

North west Londoners are a lucky bunch to have this little hidden gem on their door-step, for anyone else it’s well-worth the journey. A great idea from Lauren Mclean and Lottie Covell.

If you were allowed only one more meal what would it be? Nostaglic and retro? Fine dining? Italian comfort food? Far Eastern fusion? On booking you’ll be asked to submit your last supper -Go wild!

Strawberry Basil Grande & Prawn satay

Along with chef, Jesse Dunford Wood, the team pick the 3 courses for the night. You simply turn up, you’re handed a cocktail and the fun begins! First is the excitement to see if one of your courses has been chosen. Next you wait to see how Jesse has interpreted each suggestion. He remains true to each dish but  there’s always a touch of  creativity and magic that really adds to the theatre of it all. Don’t be saying, ‘he’ll never make it like my mum used to make’. He won’t. You’ll get a great big taste of nostalgia and a bang of 2014! Fab stuff .

Chicken kiev & Tart au citron with pistachio ice-cream

Amazing value at £35 for 3 courses and a cocktail (and the lucky people whose dishes are chosen each get £10 cash at the end of the night!) 

Hosted monthly at Parlour, NW10. For more info visit lastsecretsupperclub.com

The last supper club photography: laurenmclean.com

Italian tomatoes in London

tomatoes and ciabatta

From little Italian seeds, smuggled in my suitcase, they’re here, ripe and ready for the picking! We used the smaller ones in the most simplest of antipasti; mixed with  extra-virgin olive oil, dried oregano, garlic and a touch of salt. Served with some farmers-market ciabatta and olive bread – the perfect way to start a delicious meal in the weekend’s surprise sunshine!

Next time on Italian Tomato in London: Day trip to the sights!


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