Hot chocolate spoons


Kids (and the big kid in you!) will love making these super-cool hot chocolate spoons.

To make 6 spoons, divide 50g melted white chocolate between 3 small glasses (See Britalian Tip) and 50g melted dark chocolate between 3 more small glasses. Transfer to the freezer for 10-15 mins to harden, then divide 200g melted white chocolate between the white bases and 200g melted dark chocolate between the dark bases. Push in 6 disposable spoons so they stand upright.

step chocolate hot

Transfer to the fridge for 15-20 mins until they are almost set. Scatter with suitable sweets and chocolates (I used crushed Crunchie, mini marshmallows and Smarties) and push down gently. Chill to set completely. Once set, dip in a bowl of just boiled water for 20 seconds each, and gently pull on the spoon to remove. Serve with a cup of hot milk, dip in and keep stirring until melted!

Britalian Tip

I love Italian wine glasses (the small tumbler-style is much harder to knock over!). Smaller than a tumbler and larger than a shot glass, they’re perfect for this. A wide shot glass or espresso cup would also work  – you may not need as much chocolate and just make sure your spoons fits inside!

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