Lemon panacotta with couture chocolate curls

It only takes 3 ingredients to make this impressive pud! Simply top with shavings of dark chocolate or go designer with couture chocolate curls:


For the pannacotta, place the cubes from 1 pack of lemon jelly in 250ml of just boiled water, stir until dissolved (if it needs a helping hand, heat in the microwave for 30secs). Leave to cool to room temperature, then top up with 285ml double cream. Pour into 4 glasses and chill to set.


For the chocolate curls, spoon strips of melted good quality dark chocolate onto a square of baking parchment, lay another sheet on top, lightly run your finger along the chocolate strips. Remove the top sheet. Cut into individual strips.


Bend the strips into rounds and staple to secure. Transfer to the freezer for 10 mins. Remove the parchment. Return to the freezer until ready to serve.




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