#1 FOOD NEWS: Tennis canapés, Italian tomatoes in London & one arty coffee to go


Murray vs Fognini: Chill out and have a Britalian iced canapé!


Phowoaar-nini more like! If anyone was going to beat Murray – a gorgeous Italian swiftly moving around the clay is certainly going to soften the blow. If the match was to be decided on style Mr Murray should have certainly stayed in Blighty – the 1980s paperboy look really wasn’t cutting-it.

In an attempt to remind us of how refined British tennis can be, I’m bringing out the strawberries. Add Italian favourite, Limoncello, and freeze for the perfect after-match cooler or fun party piece canapé!

Put cocktail sticks in pieces of strawberry, load into an ice-cube tray. Mix 75ml Limoncello with 75ml fizzy water or lemonade, pour into the tray, top with mint leaves and freeze.

Full of beans

UK Coffee Week

Coffee has been on my mind more than usual as it’s UK Coffee Week this week, there’s some great fundraising events going on across the UK to raise Ł100,000 to complete Project Waterfall, aiming to provide safe drinking water, good hygiene and improved sanitation to some of the poorest communities in the coffee growing regions of Africa.

To donate, and for more info on the 5 bean challenge (which includes a chance to win some coffee art) visit www.ukcoffeeweek.com.  With this is mind and to raise awareness I decided to artify my coffee this morning…

Art                                                                                 Arty coffee

cat real art   cat coffee

Hhhhum I think getting on the website and making a donation is probably a better approach.

The Italian tomato in London


Mamma Romeo knows her tomatoes like no other and carefully tends to her crop every year to make sure she has wall-wall passata that will keep the family (and friends and their friends) in passata until the next harvest.  I have never seen or tasted such amazing tomatoes until I first visited her fine garden 10 years ago.

Last summer Mamma Romeo entrusted me with some seeds to plant (Yes…I had to wait 10 years!).  In comes Mummy ‘E’ (Ellis). I struggle keeping my windowsill herbs alive so there was no way I was going to take on that kind of responsibility. Mummy ‘E’ gets handed the precious package. She is the only human I would trust with such a task.

I know both mums will nurture those seeds like their very own bambino’s, not keeping their eyes off them for a second, checking on them and watering them every evening and carefully monitoring their progress every morning.

My little experiment: Nature or nuture?

The Italian seeds in London will be getting the finest Thames Water, London rain, intermittent sunshine and they will have the company of little rumbles from the Heathrow flight path. The seedlings will be given the best Tomorite money can buy.

  photo (6)            photo (7)

Proud mummy ‘E’. Italian seeds in London already germinating

The seeds in Italy will be getting water from the River Lao within Pollino National Park. A full-blown, blue sky, Italian summer and a touch of pine-infused rain water will be added every evening.

latest 438

Part of the Italian crop last year – stored in every conceivable bottle Mamma Romeo can lay her hands on. Yes they are Moretti beer bottles. 

Look out for ‘The Italian Tomato in London’ updates. The result will be unveiled in August when we visit the Romeo family in Italy.


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