The Challenge: Father’s day menu

Due to the nature of the blogging beast, I’m wanting to share my Father’s day menu but I won’t be able to put the complete recipes and pics up until after the event! But read on if you’re just looking for a bit of inspiration. I’ll post the full recipes after all the blog assets are bagged! You can keep them in your back pocket for next year!

Fish finger


Mini fish finger open sarnies

Who doesn’t love fish finger sandwiches? When my 8 year old Italian nephew came to stay last year, on tasting one for the first time, he fell in love too! Giving this British classic an Italian twist (and to make sure we don’t get breaded out) I’ll be serving them up bruschetta-style on thinly sliced ciabatta with a spoonful of garlic mayo.


Beef & Stilton shirt & tie pie

When it comes to dinner for dad – it has to be pie. I’m playing safe with ‘dad flavours’, but I’ll be getting creative with the pastry!



Espresso blancmange martini’s

Rabbit mould

Bring back blancmange I say! In an attempt to stop myself reaching for the rabbit mould, I’m going to up the style-stakes by adding a touch of coffee and a dash of Martini. Also love hearing Giuseppe say, ‘Eh? Blamon!?!’



One for the bank holiday: Gardener’s lamb

lamb strip

A whole meal that can be cooked in one dish is my kind of recipe. I happily developed this for Sainsbury’s Recipe Collection: One Pot. Packed full of fresh flavours, it makes for a deliciously light alternative to a full-on roast.

Mummy ‘E’ came over and helped Giuseppe with the garden – while I ‘slaved’ away in the kitchen in order to pay the workers with a tasty lunch.

Sssshh…they don’t need to know there wasn’t much to it.

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#5 FOOD NEWS: Pizza perfection, cooking underground & Giro d’Italia


Take care!


Food & Arts Festival, The Medicine Garden, Cobham

A sunny day, friends, music, crafts, artisan cakes and pizza! What more could you want? Well a shorter queue for the pizza might have been nice but looking at that perfectly bubbled, charred, wood-fired pizza crust, I was prepared to wait.  The English pair running the stall took the same care as any Italian I’ve seen making pizza.

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